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Rise above the clouds

Is you web site or application growing beyond the capacity of it’s current ifrastructure or are you about to launch an application but have no idea how to utilise the cloud, we can help you to rise above and make the most of the cloud

Simple Software

Have an idea for the next uber or facebook but don’t know where to  start. Let us help you to turn your dreams into reality. We have helped serveral startups from MVP to sucessful seed investment.

Sensible Servers

Are you getting swarmed by servers, overloaded with operating systems? We can help to put processes and procedures in place to manage disparate hardware and software.

Total Solutions

Are you looking to start a project, don’t even know where to start? We can sit down with you and offer a complete package to project manage your idea from start to finish.

Easy Automation

Do you have internal IT processes that take time and are at risk of human error? We can help to smooth out the bumps and build automated processes using tools such as Jenkins.

Cloud Certified

Our staff are all Amazon certified professionals. Ensureing that skills are always keep up to date.

Constant Vigilance

Systems connected to our 24/7 monitoring system with incident management.

Safe and Secure

The security and safety of the systems and the data is core to our working methods.

Personal Support

Our support is handled by the same professionals who built the systems, ensuring expert system knowledge.

Years of Experence

We have over 30 years experience in development and system management in a variety of fields

Route to Success

We are here to help guide you through the maze to deliver you platform to its end users.

Case Studies

High impact science

We were asked to design an infrastructure for the popular science blog IFLScience. The site had to be capable of supporting extreme levels of viral traffic. Using a combination of pre rendered content and custom front edge caching we were able to deliver using a minimal server count

Modernising event-based lotteries across the UK

In partnership with developers Ansta we created an Amazon based docker infrastructure to support the online and physical point of sale terminal system they had developed for MatchPlus. The product is primarily targeted at sporting events and thus needed to be able to adapt to the variable event based traffic patterns

Movement in the Clouds

Through our partnership with GlobalizeMe we developed a relationship with developers Ansta Ltd and became their source for expertise in AWS. We have assisted them in many projects both large and small involving moving assets to cloud based systems.

Growth in the Cloud

We have been the prefered consulting partner of GlobalizeMe for a number of years. We provide system support and AWS consultancy across many of their clients and platforms. Part of our work supports GlobalizeMe’s work as a memeber of the Amazon Partners Network.

Commanding Comunicacions

We have developed and built the administration and API backend for the Employee engagement and internal comms app WeAreBeem. We have supported the App since its inception and assisted with implementation of client specific integrations with companies such as GAP, Nissan, Unilever.

Trading Talent

We assisted in the migration of TalentBonds’ infrastructure from it’s existing VPS based architecture over to Amazon AWS. During this process we also assumed responsibility for full stack development of their applicant tracking system middleware. We are also responsible for the hosting and day to day management of recruitment sites they host including those of Santander UK.


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